Since mom passed his House has ghostly Orbs flying around Everywhere

This was posted Sunday July 5th on my YouTube page... one day after her 70th birthday

"Last nights fireworks from mom set to the music of the Washington monument fireworks thanks mom.. Simplisafe IR picks up flurry of a couple very similar orbs... there’s one that goes into a photo of John Lennon mom gave me, the first two anomaly’s look like fireworks so I immediately think of mom there... plus towards the end you see one fly out of the wedding photo with Tom, she hated that picture... plus a couple disappear into the Haitian art my grandfather gave me... watch the energy trails that come off the orbs as they manifest and hang like jet wash... i think it shows that it’s not a bug or a lens flare, besides I took the ring doorbell video and there wasn’t a bug outside at the time, no fireworks were going off as the dogs were under the covers with us directly upstairs from this room and I’d just turned the alarm on"