Dying Veteran, With Nobody, Asks to see his dog before he goes...

After being admitted into Hospice care last week. John Vincent, the dying Vietnam Veteran who had no family in the New Mexico area that his hospice was located, asked to see his 6 year old terrier who he had to give up the week before. Patch, The Terrier was found and reunited with John.

The Shelter where the terrier was being held had this to say...

“Yesterday was a special day for a Veteran named John Vincent and his beloved dog Patch,” the shelter wrote.

“John Vincent may not have much time left said, Amy Neal, a palliative care social worker and he had only one request. Vincent wanted to see his dog one last time.”

“Yesterday, we were able to make their final reunion happen.”

Along with the statement, the shelter shared a series of photos of Patch excitedly cuddling up to Vincent one last time.

The pooch sweetly licked his ailing owner as Vincent held on to him tightly from his hospital bed.


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