Forget The Debates, There's a Hawaii Sized Blob of Fire Ice under us!!!

I have no idea if that's a good thing or a bad thing... CAN WE MINE IT? IS IT GONNA GET BAD IF THE ICE MELTS AND THE METHANE GET'S OUT IN LARGE QUANTITIES? but when you hear that there's a huge blob of "Fire Ice" (which I didn't even know existed btw) the size of Hawaii living beneath the surface of the earth I get concerned... But, The Truth is, YES, THERE IS A HUGE BLOB OF FLAMMABLE ICE UNDER THE SURFACE OF THE OCEAN.


Fire and ice

"Frozen methane, also known as methane hydrates, is made up of methane gas molecules locked inside frozen water crystals. It looks like ice, forms at low temperatures and high pressures in the ocean and is thought to contain 15% to 40% of Earth's carbon, Cook said.

Because frozen methane stores much of our planet's carbon, it likely plays a big role in the recycling of carbon between our atmosphere and living things. It's also a potential energy source — and a potential biohazard, she said."

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