Dead Spy Found in a padlocked Gym Bag naked was an accident? No...

From the Tumblr post Below "Gareth Williams was a code breaker for the Secret Intelligence Service in London. He was also known as being an avid cyclist and an intensely private man, which is no surprise for someone in a position such as his. Gareth had requested to transfer to another department due to being dissatisfied with conditions at his work. This was believed to have upset his superiors. For the next few days, Gareth was an absentee at work, which was unusual for him. About a week passed by before his superiors finally reported him missing. Authorities broke into his flat to search for any sign of Gareth, but he was nowhere to be found. Police headed to the bathroom where they discovered a duffel bag resting in the bathtub, padlocked from the outside. 

When the padlock was removed, Gareth himself was found dead inside the duffel bag. Immediately, foul play was suspected, however it was difficult to determine the exact cause of death because his superiors took so long to report him missing, and there was not a single mark on his body. There was not a single trace of DNA in the bathtub, or the padlock, or the entire flat, suggesting that someone had wiped it clean. Over three hundred attempts were made where a man of Gareth’s size tried zipping himself in the duffel bag. All attempts were unsuccessful. Police concluded that Gareth had most likely zipped himself in the bag, and now consider the case closed. However, others still find his death highly suspicious."

SOURCE - It's real... there is a legit full on spy war going on right now... 

"After the dead body of an MI6 spy was found locked in a sports bag in London, police said the death was “probably an accident” – but British and American spy agencies have secret intelligence suggesting Gareth Williams may have been assassinated over highly sensitive work on Russia."

"A British spy whose naked body was found decomposing in a padlocked sports bag in his bathtub is among at least 14 people suspected of having been killed by Russian assassins on British soil, BuzzFeed News can reveal."

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