March 2019 First Responder of the Month - Lori Kunker

Nominee: Lori Kunker

Where she works: Colonie Police Department

Nominated by: Tina Hotaling

Why she was nominated:

Lori is a 911 dispatcher who works tirelessly. She has been a dispatcher for 25 years. She takes the utmost pride in her work and never complains. It’s a thankless job that we don’t really talk about or give credit to. We all know that no one calls 911 just to say hi or tell them their doing a great job. It’s a hard job that not everyone is cut out for, but for Lori it’s what she does and with no expectation of thanks! She deserves to be awarded for her dedication to the community.

A poem about 911 Dispatchers:

Between the thin Red line, the thin Blue line and the thin White line lies the thinnest Gold line. This thin Gold line represents those who are rarely seen but mostly heard. The calm voice in the dark. The Golden glue that holds it all together.

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