Keanu Reeves In "Replicas" Recent Trailer

I think Keanu Reeves is one of the best.  So whether or not he gets good reviews I'll see his movies. He kicked ass in, "Speed" and, "The Matrix 1" (what was funny to me about the Matrix is that years back after he did the, "Dracula" film with my family, we'd all been on vacation together in Belize and I was studying Kung Fu.  

Keanu wanted to learn a Kata. Which for me in Kung Fu would be called a, "Form" (as close as I could get to a Kata in Karate) so I taught him the "Bodhidharma Longevity Form" I had recently learned.  That was his first foray into Kung Fu.  So to see him in The Matrix get Kung Fu downloaded into his brain instantly and then wake up and say, "Woahhh, I know Kung Fu!"  It came full circle for me.  And, of course, he was then light years ahead of me at fighting technique by then.    

Marc "The Cope" Coppola

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