Billy Joel's Neighbors Concerned About Manure Smell From Proposed Stable

Billy Joel In Concert - New York, New York

Many of Billy Joel's neighbors object to the Piano Man's plans to add a horse stable to his Oyster Bay, NY, property on Long Island.

Joel and his wife Alexis recently submitted plans to establish a living area for 12 horses on their 25-acre property. But during a 90-minute public hearing last week, residents questioned whether the horses could potentially contaminate drinking water, stink up the air or reduce their property values.

"All of that runoff will come down near us," said resident Andrew Farren, as reported by Newsday. "The prevailing wind is from the southeast. ... It'll be, you know, a stinkpot."

In response to concerns, village trustees decided to conduct a study and proposed ordinances regarding where manure can be stored on the property and how it must be treated to minimize the smell and the threat of vermin.

Another resident complained about a double-standard for the celebrity couple.

"I can't have a goat, but somebody who's got money can put through a law to have 12 horses," Gregory Druhak argued. "I just find that a little bit frustrating."

Trustee Grace Haggerty, however, expressed confidence in the Joels' stewardship of their land and of their potential animals.

"Knowing the Joels and living across the street from them, they're going to abide by the rules that are set in this legislation," she said.

The hearing was adjourned until March.

Last month, the Joels were the victims of a burglary, when thieves broke into the home, trashed Billy's motorcycles and vandalized several rooms. It has not been reported what was stolen or whether police have any suspects .

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