Seven Classic Concerts You Can Watch At Home

The coronavirus, COVID-19, has really shaken up our lives. Everything has either been cancelled or postponed, and that goes for many concerts around the country as well.

Does that mean that we have to go without music? Certainly not. Now is the time to embrace what we've got and we've got access to some of the best recorded live concerts in rock. We've put together a list of some that you can enjoy right from your own home.

AC/DC - Live at Donington 1991

This is probably one of our favorite concerts to watch from home. It's AC/DC tearing up the stage at Donington as part fo the Monsters of Rock festival from back in 1991 and Brian Johnson at his best. We found an entire playlist of the whole show, so enjoy it!

Led Zeppelin - Live at Madison Square Garden 1973

Any time you can watch Led Zeppelin live is a good time. This particular show is one of the best and the footage that was show is some of the best quality that we've seen. So crank it up.

KISS - Live in Detroit 1976

If you're going to watch KISS show, it better be from Detroit rock city! This 1976 concert just gives us all the feelings of being back at those shows in the 70s and it feels good.

Queen - Live at Wembley 1986

After their Live Aid performance in 1985 everyone knew that Queen was bigger and better than ever. They would come back to play Wembley all on their own in a year later and blow everyone's mind with another spectacular show.

Metallica - Fort Worth, Texas 1997

You may know this one as the DVD Cunning Stunts that was released in 1998, but this is a great mix of new and old Metallica and just one of their best live performances.

RUSH - Live at the Palace of Auburn Hills 1994

I don't think anyone is going to say no a RUSH show. We'll never get to see them like this again since we lost Neil Peart, so we can remember them at their best at these amazing live performances.

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - Live 1978 at the Capitol Theatre

How could we make a list of live events and not include The Boss? His live shows are some of the most memorable ones we've ever attended and jut listening to them back in the day will bring you some serious joy.

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