How Many Different Albanys Are There?


Given the president's unfortunate mixup with Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri (where the Chiefs actually play) it got me thinking about all the other Albanys there might be in the country.

Turns out there are A LOT. 28 to be exact and Albany, California actually put out a list of all of them.

Albany, California

Albany, Georgia 

Albany, Illinois

Albany Township, Illinois 

Albany, Indiana 

Albany, Iowa 

Albany, Kentucky 

Albany, Louisiana 

Albany Township, Maine

Albany, Minnesota 

Albany Township, Minnesota 

Albany, Missouri

Albany Township, Nebraska 

Albany, New Hampshire 

Albany, New York (the state capital)

Albany, Ohio 

Albany, Oklahoma 

Albany, Oregon

Albany, Tennessee 

Albany, Texas 

Albany, Vermont

Albany (village), Wisconsin 

Albany County, New York 

Albany County, Wyoming

Albany (town), Green County, Wisconsin 

Albany, Pepin County, Wisconsin 

Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania 

Albany Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

So that's all the cities/counties/towns in the US. How about the rest of the world?

Albany, Western Australia and its electoral district, the electoral district of Albany 

Albany, Nova Scotia

Albany, Ontario

Albany, Prince Edward Island

Albany, New Zealand

Albany, South Africa

Rest assured, Capitaland, we are not alone.

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