About The Freedom Model

The Answer to the Failing Treatment Establishment

The Freedom Model is an approach that deconstructs the constructs ofaddiction and recovery and all that surrounds these beliefs. By doing so,anyone can be completely free to move on in his or her life without theseconstructs holding him or her back and keeping them needlessly trapped inan endless addiction/recovery/addiction cycle.

The Freedom Model renders addiction and recovery as obsolete andunnecessary in both their personal life and as cultural constructs, constructsthat keep the masses blind to the solutions that exist within the individual.While The Freedom Model is a book, it is the research and the messagecontained on those pages that are the real solution to an individual’sstruggles with drugs and alcohol.

As researchers, Steven Slate, Mark Scheeren, and Michelle Dunbar havespent decades working together building The Freedom Model. It came frommany years of working and living with those we were helping find solutionsto their complex struggles. We too struggled at one time ourselves, butwe came to realize that the research provided answers that made personalchange easy, efficient, and enjoyable. If someone is ready to change theirlife and wants to be free from addiction, treatment, and recovery – thenThe Freedom Model for Addictions is the answer.

To learn more, visit us online at https://www.thefreedommodel.org/


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