Emma Is One of the Capital Region's Finest And Our New Crush

We can safely say that we don't know many girls named Emma. However now that we've been introduced to 27-year-old Emma Peel from right here in the Capital Region we are totally sold! She's a mother and a student and we have such respect for doing both of those things like a total badass.

These are interesting times to be living in. How are you keeping busy?

I’m surprisingly very busy during quarantine. I’m a full time student and my son is also at home, so, both of have to focus on that. We’ve also been working on the garden that we plant yearly. At night I’m often still chatting with fans from my club life over Facebook, and Instagram. Published a book too (English major) which means I’ve been pouring over ways to advertise it.

Are you binge watching anything you could share with us?

I definitely joined the crowed and watched Tiger King. Currently I’ve moved onto Locke and Key. 

As a dancer you out yourself out there. What do you like the most about doing what you do?

I really love meeting new people, it has to be the best part of the job. 

What's one thing you can't live without?

Probably coffee, I’m an espresso fanatic. 

Pizza or burgers?