Tina Pelech Has Caught Our Attention and Is Our Latest Crush

When it comes to the art of taking a photo it requires a certain touch. Tina Pelech has that touch and it shows in all the photos that she has taken over the years. Just take a look at her website. Her portfolio is stunning.

This 37-year-old from Saratoga Springs knows how to take the photos because she started out as a model in New York City. We all know the best way to learn is by experience and modeling in the Big Apple is certainly experience that most would die to have.

Plus, have you seen her TikTok page? She is hilarious! We won't say we're in love but we are certainly crushing on her.

Usually you're behind the camera, but what do you love about getting to step in front of it?

When I first started in this world of photography, I modeled in New York City . I modeled from 18 to 20 and I learned quite a few things about being in front of the camera. It’s not about “just posing” you have to become an actress/ actor in a way, feel the character that you want to portray. It’s really fun to get in character! 

Same question but reverse - what do you love the most about being behind that camera in action?

Now that I am a photographer on the other side I can guide the model. Tell them the setup much like a storyline. Also let them know what angles look best for their face and body. Show them in camera and then make adjustments. I love seeing the models face when they say. “Omg that’s me”. It makes me smile and my job easier! 

What is the weirdest photo shoot you've ever done?

I won’t say the weirdest I would say the most wild. 

There are two that come to mind. I did one with owls. Had 4 Models holding each one. It was a little terrifying , we were unsure what they were going to do. The studio had to be really quiet.

The second one was with venomous snakes , the models were very brave. I was a nervous wreck! They could of struck at any moment as well.. it was tense. They were also in gowns that were over 800.00 so I was praying they did not have go to the bathroom!


What's something you can't live without?

I can’t live without my coffee! Lol. I know that sounds silly but it starts my day and I get a little bit of peace while I drink it. Haha 

Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?

Ultimate celebrity crush? Well I have many!

  • Jeffery Dean Morgan 
  • Keanu Reeves 
  • Freddie Prinze Jr

Pizza or burgers?

Ok pizza all the way! You are talking to an Italian girl here!