We Cannot Get Enough Of The Stunning Chloe Rochelle

If you want to meet a 23-year-old who embodies the look feel and life of the Sunset Strip in the 80s look no further than the stunning Chloe Rochelle. She covers all things about the Sunset Strip for Metal Muzic Society X and will even be hosting her own show dedicated to the strip very soon. You might even spot her in a music video or two. So stay tuned!

Originally from Minnesota, she has just recently moved to Lake Placid, NY. What's she listening to? Def Leppard is her favorite band and if she had to be stuck on a deserted Island with someone it would be Jim Morrison. Not a bad choice!

What keeps her busy? Horseback riding and camping are her go-to relaxing hobbies.

You want to see more of Chole? Go give her a follow on Facebook.

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