Heather Lynne Is Our New Instagram Crush and We Think You'll Fall In Love

Photo: Ashleigh Amber Photography

Instagram is full of some of the greatest content and people that you can think of. We've discovered through endless research that the Capital Region itself is full of some of the most beautiful women either in front of or behind the camera, and Heather Lynne from Albany is no exception to that rule.

She's a 33-year-old makeup artist who specializes in making others shine. We've found that she shines just has brightly because her positive attitude and general hilarious nature in infectious. Make sure to giver her a follow on her Instagram page.

We had the chance the talk with a little bit and here's what she had to say:

You being a makeup artist, do you find yourself in front of the camera often or was this a rare photo session? 

Most of the time I am behind the camera or working with the people around the camera. I specialize in wedding and event makeup on clients so it is always fulfilling to see there photos of how beautiful they looked on their special day! But I do have fun taking daily makeup shots of myself for Instagram or Snapchat.

Would you recommend every woman take the leap to take some photos like this?

I would 100% recommend every woman to do a boudoir shoot. It gives a women an empowering feeling and makes you feel beautiful in your own skin. Confidence is sexy!

What is your favorite part about what you do?

My favorite part of being a makeup artist is being able to take away someone's insecurities with the power of makeup. Weather it's just alittle concealer to hide that pesky blemish or helping a cancer patient learn how to reapply brows to give them the confidence to leave the house again. With the right Makeup look, a woman or man can feel empowered to take on the world!

What is one thing you can't live without?

The one thing I can't live without is a white monster every morning! Sounds absolutely crazy but I can be in the worst funk of life and once I have the white can of monster I'm ready to move a mountain!

Pizza or burgers?

PIZZA!! Bacon, Banana pepper and Ranch please!

All photos courtesy of Ashleigh Amber Photography

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