Emma Is One Photographer That Looks Good Behind or In Front of the Camera

Guys make way in your social media life for Emma Buntrock-Muller. She's a badass photographer New Hampshire who has as much fun behind the camera as she does when she jumps in front of it. You should go give her a follow over on Instagram to see her hilarious videos as well as some of the incredible photos that she has taken.

This 33-year-old isn't going to let Gen-Z have all the TikTok fun either. She is putting together some great video content on that app, so make sure you go follow her there, too.

We had the chance to talk with her about life and other things and here's what she had to say:

You're a photographer, and a model. Which side of the camera to you prefer?

I most definitely prefer being behind the camera. Photography became an interest of mine when I started modeling. For me, as a model or "subject" is the term I usually use, you're just as much a prop as anything else in the shot. It can be fun but for me it gets boring very quickly. Whether it's been just a pinup up shoot or selling something I was always thinking what I wanted to create. Since I have so many tattoos a lot of shoots for other photographers have been posing with a guitar or on a motorcycle, or some redhead Betty Page theme. In reality I don't play guitar or ride on motorcycles so it's always been a bit comical to me. 

Self portraits have become a strong part of my narrative, and I do enjoy it. It does add an extra dimension of work going back and forth between my tripod and posing. When I'm only behind the camera I have more freedoms to experiment and it is easier to visualize the end shot. Plus, anytime where I can just wear jeans and t-shirt is a pro. 

What are your favorite types of shoots?

The shoots where I can have a strong sense of narrative are my soul food. I like to leave a lot of my images up to the viewer's interpretation even though every narrative shot has it's own meaning for me. Once you've put your art in the world you hope that someone connects to it emotionally. Emotions are so universal and yet they are also so individual. The hope always is that what you've created has affected someone in some way.

Having fun is also important to me. Not everything I do has to have deep meaning. Camp is a big part of my aesthetic when it feels right, and it often does.

What hobbies are keeping you busy while we're all stuck inside?

Despite world events I'm still working full time at home. I'm a rare stamp dealer for a small auction company and I'm also the corporate secretary. I'm a philatelist! It's fascinating to learn a nation's or people's history through their postage stamps. As for hobbies, I spend a lot of time with my three German Shepherds, Wolfgang, Kinga and Fenrir. There is a trail in the woods/open fields near by that hardly has any people on it and it's easy to keep a very safe distance away from anyone. My favorite parts of my day are playing and walking in nature with my pack. I'm also very much into cult films, watching them, reading about them and so forth.

Once it's responsible to do more in the community I'm excited to get back to my dance classes. 

What's one thing you absolutely couldn't live without?

My sense of humor! Or if you mean an inanimate object, hmmm, I suppose there isn't one I couldn't live without, heh. 

Pizza or burgers?

Definitely pizza! I don't eat meat. There also is something so simple and perfect about a slice of pizza.

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