Makayla Bennett Has Us Obsessed With TikTok and Her

We will admit that we were super late to the TikTok game. Now that we're here, we are here to stay. Not only are people putting out some very funny content, there are some lovely ladies there you will totally fall in love with. Like 22-year-old Makayla who has one hundred percent stolen our hearts with her positive vibes and videos.

This Michigan native is posting content daily on her TikTok page. You should go check it out.While you'e at it, give her a follow on Instagram, too.

You seem to be having a lot of fun on TikTok. What drives your creativity on the app?

I think it’s fun to boost people’s positive vibes. I like being happy and if my videos can make people smile or laugh that makes me happy. 

What do you like the most about being part fo this social media community?

It’s cool to see who’s out there and all the other creative things people post. 

Do you have any hobbies that keep you busy while stuck at home?

I actually work during the pandemic so I am not stuck at home 24/7. When I am at home though I enjoy drinking coffee & reading. 

Tell us one thing you can't live without:

My family. 

Pizza or burgers?


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