The Incredible Violet Is Our Latest Instagram Crush

While we know so many of you have been on the hunt for rainbows we found the best part of it. Violet. The V in Roy G Biv, it's the best part of that rainbow and we think we know why. Because the Violet we met (go follow her on Instagram) is absolutely incredible.

If this stunning 30-year-old from Connecticut isn't taking care of her pets she's probably doing yoga, and that's something you'd probably enjoy watching. She's also quite the entertainer, and plays video games. She's just like us and we love it. While she is incredibly beautiful, she's also a private person. We can respect that.

We got to ask her a few questions and here's how they went:

What do you like the most about stepping in front of the camera?

I love how free it makes me feel! It’s sexy and empowering. Although I prefer to be behind the camera! That’s where my passion really comes into play. 

Do you feel like maybe some don't understand why you like being in front of the camera?

Of course some people may not understand! We all have our opinions and views it’s only human. 

What are some hobbies that are keeping you busy?

I love to go out on trails with my two dogs, they keep me active! In my free time I try to fit in as much yoga as possible. 

Name one thing thing you can't live without:

Zombie movies, video games and my dogs. 

Pizza or burgers?

Both! It really depends on what I want that day!

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