Ashleigh Amber Is One Hot Photographer And Our Latest Instagram Crush

Photo by @ModernBoudoir

Usually when we come upon someone we'd like to feature as an Instagram Crush it's because of the work they've done in front of the camera. When it comes to Ashleigh Amber, it's the opposite.

We discovered Ashleigh through her photography page on Instagram. We started talking to her about the crush features we've done and how some of the models she has featured and worked with and we've been friends ever since. When we learned that she sometimes liked to get in front of the camera we knew what needed to be done. We needed to bring her and her work to the world.

If you'd like to get in touch with Ashleigh about doing a photoshoot, visit her website and set something up. She has a great eye and you will not be disappointed.

Photo by Ashleigh Amber

Unlike most of our other crushes you're on the other side of the camera, what do you like the most about that?

I love being able to show women a side of themselves that they don't see. We tend to see ourselves under a microscope and I help them take a look from an outsiders perspective. I modeled for 8 years and I always felt awkward or nervous with little instructions from the photographer but then I'd get the photos and think yesssssss worth it. I figured out a way to give women the end product of beautiful images without all the uncomfortable feelings during the session. I pose women from their hair down to their toes I tell them where to look and even how to breath so there is no feeling of what should I be doing. I'm the professional it's my job to guide my client through the entire process.

Positivity is a big vibe that we get from you. How do you stay so focused on that?

There is enough negativity in life, people need light and positive energy. I want to be the source of someones smile. I want women to see a photo of themselves and think damn I'm hot I need to stop being so damn mean to myself. Most of all I want women to see their own images and think that's best photo i've ever seen of my ass. I've created an online community on Facebook called the Babe Cave and the women compliment each other and lift one another up. It makes me really proud and it keeps me motivated.

What advice could you give to women who might feel intimidated about getting in front of the camera?

I work with everyday women and I'd say 95 percent of the women that walk in the door are nervous, some are even shaking. The way to get past that is to just show up and trust the process. Once women have hair and makeup done we will pick out a few outfits from my client closet and look through the lingerie that they brought. By the end of that process women know that they are in a safe space that they are not going to be judged. I can't explain it but there is something so liberating about being half naked around other women without judgement or fear. By the end of the session my most nervous clients end up laughing and saying that they forgot their boobs were out! Also I really put myself out there, I've stood in a room with 5 other female boudoir photographers taking photos of me half naked so I KNOW how it feels to let your guard down and just do the damn thing. 

Photo by Ashleigh Amber

Besides photography, what are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy putting together fundraisers/donations it's pretty much become a hobby at this point. Currently I am collecting makeup bags (like ipsy) and filling them with with personal hygiene products for high school girls at the fort plain high school. So far from help of the babe cave and instagram I've had women donate over 60 bags then I fill them! I like learning new things! I had to re-learn sewing three years ago and I wish I had more time for it. I'm also a workshop junkie, I love online education and in person workshops. I also get bored really easy so I enjoy set design and changing my studio around. 

Tell us one thing you can't live without.

ICED COFFEE. My computer. My camera. Music. Tacos. Look I need a lot of things to live.

Pizza or burgers?

Both! I mean if you're twisting my arm I'll say pizza because I'm picky about my burgers.

Photo by Ashleigh Amber
Photo by Ashleigh Amber

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