Meg De'Lish is A Local Pinup Queen And We Can't Get Enough

One of our favorite things to do is exploring on the internet. You never know what you will stumble upon and in this case we stumbled on something amazing.

Meet the stunning Meg De'Lish! She's a Capital Region native who is bringing back the classic pinup style for all to see via her Facebook Page. If you aren't following it make sure you give it a like. Not only is Meg an incredible model but she also happens to be a photographer and also likes to work on and restore classic cars.

Yep, you read the correctly.

"Midge" De'Lish - is a restored 1977 MG Midget, with the 1500cc Engine and Triumph Transmission. Meg proudly works on it herself with her friends, because girls kick ass and can do anything... even drive that manual transmission. 

We asked her about her modeling philosophy and here is what she had to say:

I'm anti-ageism, I don't believe that age matters. One of my biggest inspirations, Dita Von Teese, is older than me and she is still radiant, inspiring, and beautiful. I'm sure she will be for decades to come, and I want to be right there with her pushing the notion that beauty standards have anything to do with age. When I am older I will challenge the concept that only if you are young, in shape and have great skin can you be seen as beautiful, confident, and sexy. To age gracefully takes inner beauty, which should be a what women and girls strive for... being beautiful from the inside out.

We asked her a few other questions, too.

Single or taken?

I'm happily single, I believe that a woman doesn't need someone else to complete her, she needs to be happy in her own skin standing on her own.  

What is the weirdest fact about you?

I usually eat my M&Ms in order of the rainbow

Pizza or burgers?

Burgers, So meaty and cheesy! Pizza has more carbs and I know I can get at least, an ok burger just about anywhere I go. Pizza isn't so safe.

How long have you been modeling?

I have been modeling for about 3 to 4 years, on my own and with the Rockabetties, a statewide Pin-Up group based in Syracuse. I'm currently the president of the Albany Chapter. Any girls looking to get involved with the pin-up community in the Capital Region should contact me.

Photos courtesy MKC Photography and Richard J Photography

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