Diamond Is Our Latest Instagram Crush - See Photos

Whenever we can we try to find someone new and interesting to follow on Instagram. Every once in a while we find some buried treasure and strike gold. In this case we found some Diamonds.

Meet Diamond, a 40 something mother and also happens to take some pretty amazing photos. She's got a calendar coming out for 2020 which willinclude some of her modeling shots. She was kind enough to share those with us. See below.

We had a chance to catch up with her and found out some things about her:

Where are you from?

Currently living in Pennsylvania!

What is your dream vacation? 

Germany (I'm a German lady), Greece and Italy  would also be nice!

Favorite food?

Italian! (We can't blame her there!)

What is one thing you can't live without?

Hmmm good one. I’d have to say my kids as they are my inspiration in pushing forward. 

Make sure to follow her on Instagram(@silkydiamond_13). Her birthday is coming up, too, so make sure to wish her a very Happy Birthday!

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