Bottle Of Dry Shampoo Explodes, Shatters Sunroof After Sitting In Hot Car

A Missouri woman issued a warning to drivers about the dangers of keeping aerosol cans in their vehiclesChristine Bader Debrecht says that her 19-year-old daughter had bought a bottle of dry shampoo and left it the console of her Honda Civic on Thursday (September 19) when the temperature soared into the 90s. When Debrecht's daughter came back to her car, she noticed that her sunroof was shattered.

At first, she thought something had fallen from the sky, but after about 10 minutes, she realized that the bottle of shampoo had exploded in the heat. The explosion was powerful enough to rip "the console cover off of its hinges, shot through the sunroof, and went high enough in the air that it landed about 50 feet away."

Luckily, the explosion happened while they were not in the car, and nobody was hurt. 

Debrecht shared photos of the damage on Facebook and told people it is important to follow the warning labels on the aerosol can.

"I just want to remind you (and your kids) to heed those warnings on products you may be using. Please don't leave aerosol cans (and especially dry shampoo, as this seems to be an issue with some brands) in your car! I am so grateful that no one was hurt," she wrote.

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