Canada's Girl Next Door, Madison Winter, is Our New Crush

When you think of Canada a few things probably come to mind.

  • Hockey
  • Mounties
  • Cold weather
  • RUSH
  • Unbelievable gorgeous Well now it should.

We want you to meet Madison Winter. She called herself Canada's Girl Next Door and she is posting the hottest pictures on her twitter page (some of them are slightly NSFW so be warned).

Madison is a 20 something Toronto girl who is living life to the fullest. She worked for years in the finance industry before giving it all up to pursue her dreams and explore and travel. We have to give her credit for that. She's traveling all over Canada and the world, living her best life, and making us totally jealous.

While she might be young, Madison is a classic rocker through and through. Check her out rocking at the Fleetwood Mac show back in November.

Her musical taste is just one of the things we love about her.

We'll be here living vicariously through her has she travels the world sampling all of what it has to offer her. We're just thankful she was nice enough the share a little bit of it with is so we could share this stunning photos with you.

Learn more about Madison, click here.

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