Metallica Blew The Roof Off The Times Union Center

You wanted heavy? You got heavy. Metallica stormed into the Times Union Center in Albany, NY on Monday October 29th and immediately attacked the audience with "Hardwired" and it didn't let up from there. 

Metallica has been at this for more that 30 years and they have still got it. 

With a set list that went all the way back to "Kill em All" they had something for every generation of Metallica fan that was in the packed Times Union Center. They even broke out "Fight Fire with Fire" for the first of a three song encore. That was a real treat. 

For a group of guys that have been through so much in their musical career, the Metallica train is still moving strong. 

"One" sounded amazing, as well as "Sad But True", "Hit the Lights", and "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)." Unless you were being incredibly picky, this set list didn't disappoint anyone. 


It has been almost 10 years since Metallica played a show in Albany and who knows if or when they'll be back for another one. 

All I know is that if that is the last local Metallica show that I get to see, it was great. 



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