Lee Ann Paul Is Our Latest Instagram Crush

Some of you might know Lee Ann Paul from her social media posts, or just from the fact that she is a Capital Region native. She spent a little bit of time down in Sunny Florida, but she's now back in the great state of New York. 

How long has she been modeling? Believe it or not the stunning 50-year-old is pretty new to the game but clearly has a knack for it. No she's not a 20-something, but she could have fooled us. She told us that she always thought about it, but at 5'4" she wasn't considered "model material" in her teens. Well, joke is on them.

Also, sorry guys, she's taken.

We asked her what her dream photoshoot would be and she had this to say:

Right now I'm enjoying the experience of working with different photographers and seeing their vision. If I could pick a destination it would be Curacao in the Caribbean. The photo opportunities are endless. And it's so beautiful.

If you're not doing so, make sure to give Lee Ann a follow on Instagram



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