Want to Own The Batmobile? Here's How You Can

Did you grow up watching Adam West riding around in the iconic Batmobile? Have you ever wanted to own that car? Well the wait is over because September 21st and 22nd the Saratoga Auto Museum is auctioning off many classic cars and the Batmobile is one of them.

While it's not the original, it's pretty spot on to what the iconic car looked like.

The owner and builder of the 1966 Batmobile replica spent seven years crafting this car. Starting with the frame and drive train from a Lincoln Continental, the owner/builder completed this project with a fiberglass body with steel reinforced mountings, a 460 V8 engine, automatic transmission and all the licensed accessories including triple rocket tubes with LED lights, emergency beacon, display parachutes, working propane-fueled flame thrower, rear back-up camera, CD/DVD player with a 7" screen, and electric actuator-controlled hood and trunk. The finishing paint was completed with perfectionist detail. 

Info on the Auto Auction can be found here.


Photo courtesy Saratoga Auto Auction


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