Woodstock Music Festival 49th Anniversary

It was 49 years ago today (August 15,1969) that the Woodstock Festival took place in Bethel, NY on Max Yasgur’s farm.  As Max said to the crowd “Three Days of Fun and Music”.  Musically and culturally Woodstock remains significant.  For the first time last weekend I got a chance to go to Bethel, see the grounds, and go through the Woodstock Museum.  It was impressive and I definitely recommend any fan of music check it out.  There are many from Capitaland who attended the festival and have told me what it was like and what it meant to them.  Many remember the rain and mud the most.

I’d also recommend going to a show at Bethel Woods. The amphitheater is beautiful with great acoustics.

Here’s some pictures from my visit. Love, Peace, and Woodstock


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