10 Reasons We Love Meg Bucher

What can we say about Meg Bucher other than we love getting her Twitter and Instagram updates? She models, she plays video games, and she's also pretty darn funny. 

In other words, she's the total package. There's not a lot not to love about her, but we were able to narrow it down to 10 things. It was pretty tough to do so since clearly there are at least 100 lovable things we could have put on the list. 

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10. She's really good at relaxing, and posts the pics that prove it


9. She can double as a fox


8. She loves cats


7. She doesn't mind taking the stairs


6. She's got a great golf swing


5. She really knows how to show off a couch


4. She makes a better door than a window


3. She got game


2. That smile


1. *ahem* We think this speaks for itself



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