20 Things We Learned About Kristi Barlette From The Times Union

Ok so there seems to be some sort of beef with PYX 106 and the Times Union. We've never even got a mention and we think it's high time that we got our 20 things article recognition and we bury the hatchet, if it exists.

How can we get on this list of celebrities that have been featured? Maybe if we come up with our own 20 things list about Kristi Barlette herself! So we asked listeners to help us out on this one, and most of what is on this list isn't true.

  • She was a singing waitress
  • She was briefly engaged to Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi
  • She wore a helmet in high school
  • She was a bank clerk
  • She was an exotic dancer in NYC
  • She used to sell bibles

Listen to the full list of items in the clips below.


We also want to have her on the show to correct any of these things that aren't true facts.



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