10 Reasons Why We Love Jayme Foxx

If you've watched "Tattoo Titans" on CMT you're familiar with who Jayme Foxx is. We love her and we aren't even sorry about it. 

Not only is she a inked up TV host but she is a social media queen. Every day she's posting pics of herself poolside, with her friends, he dog, and sometimes even in the bath. No, we're not kidding and we'll post the picture below. 

So we decided to come up with 10 reasons why we love her, and we thought it would be tough. Turns out there are plenty of reasons to love Jayme. Here they are!

10. Her dog is adorable


9. She's got attitude


8. She can rock a classic look


7. She also looks good as redhead


6. ...and as a blonde.


5. ...also as a brunette...


4. Okay, she can make everything look good


3. She's a lovable goofball


2. She plays in the shower


1. She makes relaxing look so good



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