This Sex Toy Will Please You And Also Order You Pizza

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Announcing the RubGrub, a vibrator that orders food following an orgasm, starting with a large cheese pizza! The offering is made possible with an internet programmable Bluetooth button (similar to the Amazon Dash Button) designed to fit on a Lovense Nora vibrator. The button has payment/delivery and order information, which is programmed into it at the time of purchase and connects to through its pizza-ordering API. When a user is done “using” the vibrator, they push the button, which places a delivery order for a large cheese pizza. . more info on . #RubGrub #Pizza #SexAndPizza #Lovense #Nora #CamsodaLabs #WTF #BluetoothButton #Innovation #Tech

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The future is now! How many times have you said to yourself, "I could really go for some food after that solo session!" That is now an option thanks to CamSoda. 

CamSoda has designed a new sex toy they call the RubGrub. It will be connected to a Domino's pizza near you. Once you are done "mastering your domain" you can then order a pizza with the simple push of a button - after you push your own button. 

Sounds pretty genius to us. 

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