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Name: Jessica Mellott

From: Hollywood, CA

Follow: Instagram, Twitter

I’m so excited to announce that this Sunday, I’ll be flying to...AUSTRALIA!!! It’s been a dream of mine to go there since I was a little girl. When I was a kid my parents, sister and I always went to the Outback Steakhouse Restaurant, which I LOVED. Hey-I still love it. They have amazing mac n cheese 😂I think that’s when my obsession with kangaroos and koalas began 🐨On my vision board, I actually have a picture of a kangaroo and another of the Great Barrier Reef, which I have always wanted to see in person. 🏝I can’t even believe my luck that my dream is coming true and I’ll be in the Brisbane and surrounding areas for about 2 weeks!! I’m so thrilled ❤️❤️❤️Here are my top goals while in Australia: . 1. Cuddle a koala 🐨 2. Play with a kangaroo (why is there no adorable kangaroo emoji 😍) 3. Befriend a baby turtle 🐢 4. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef 🏊🏻‍♀️ 5. Eat authentic Australian cuisine (...not really sure what this is. 🍤Shrimp on the Barbie, maybe? 😜) BONUS. Binge-watch @strangerthings Season 2 (...on the 14 hour plane ride there!😮 Can’t wait to share travel pics with you all! ❤️ PHOTO CREDIT: M. Healey

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Just a Maryland girl, born & raised ❤️❤️This pic reminds me of my childhood home. 🏡 It was a nice place to grow up 😊When I was little, my sister and I took horseback riding lessons from the local horse stables. While she took her turn during the lesson, I would often go off by myself to the horse stalls and muck them! 😂No idea why, but I strangely enjoyed it. I think it made me feel like I was helping the animals to feel happy and comfortable. I ❤️animals! 😍 I guess you can just call me ‘Ranch Hand Jes’ lol 😛 . . Photo Credit: @fotogw Makeup/Hair: @margaret_jean_beauty_ Shirt: @wetseal Shorts: @vigossusa

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Current mood: super happy cause I’m breaking all the rules and wearing a white romper after Labor Day...cause it’s 80 degrees & I can! 🌞Woohoo! 😁Of course, had to pair it with my new fave cowboy boots my mama treated me to in Florida! Thanks Mom! ❤️❤️❤️Also getting in a much needed day of vocal rest after traveling and having some extensive gigs, and vowing to myself not to talk all day long...👧anyone who knows me knows this is gonna be a challenge 😂How’s everyone’s Sunday? ❤️😊 . P.S...@apple still waiting on that cowgirl boot emoji 😂 . Romper: @hm Boots: @durangoboots

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Today is #NationalPositiveThinkingDay! I am celebrating this holiday by wishing for everyone a beautiful, fun & joy-filled day! ❤️If you think, act, and live positively, then happiness will thrive! 😊I know and believe that whole-heartedly! 😃 I've just gotta think positively & hope that I don't fall off this tree branch! 😂 #thinkpositive #happinessishere #joyful . . . Photo Credit: @fotogw Makeup/Hair: @margaret_jean_beauty_ Dress: @forever21

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