The Geek Show Podcast Episode 57: Comics, The Punisher, Last Jedi, and More

The Geek Show is back with episode 57! In this episode BJ and Big Rich dive into a little comic book talk. We know a lot of you guys ask us our recommendations and how to get into a series when some are ongoing. 

Here's some advice - find a comic author you like and just start from there. Charles Soule's current Darth Vader comic is fantastic. I suggest picking up volume one of that. Also DC's Superman Action Comics, The Flash, and Hal Jordan and Green Lantern Corps are solid reads. 

We also get into a little gaming talk and FINALLY we get together to talk about The Punisher and The Last Jedi. 

Join BJ and Big Rich as they discuss all things in the world of geek! Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, video games, comic book movies and TV. Come in, and get geeky with us. Listen to all episodes of The Geek Show here.

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