Bikini Model Elle Johnson Is Picking Football Games With Lingerie

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#BikiniBowlPicks told you that she knows nothing about the #NFL - and I proved it yesterday! 😂 But every true American must root for the #Bills today against the #Jaguars! Blowies in the stadium in the snow! 👏 #BillsMafia

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Bikini model, and Playboy alum, Elle Johnson is like most Americans - she loves herself some football. Whether it's college or professional she is taking to Twitter and Instagram to make her football picks, but with a slight twist.

Elle is doing her picks by wearing the colors of the teams in either lingerie or a bikini. 

As you can see from above she went with the Buffalo Bills. Obviously that didn't work out for her, but her pics worked out for everyone else who saw her. 

She also picked the Saints to win on Sunday as well (pic below). 

Elle has been making her #BikiniBowlPicks all bowl season. 

#BikiniBowlPicks knows she is 0-3 with her #WildCardWeekend picks, thank you. But I saw the #Saints play the #Lions in October at the Superdome and fell in love with #NOLA! Wish I was there for today's game and a couple of @abitabeer Boots after! 🍺

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In the #SugarBowl, #BikiniBowlPIcks has #Bama straight up over #Clemson, which should make #Clemson fans happy given how bad I'm doing this year! #RollTide

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#BikiniBowlPicks is done 😢 about #Michigan's season and is ready to pick the #RoseBowl! I asked Maggie to help me with this pick. #UGA +1.5 over the #Sooners. #Bulldogs #Oklahoma

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With Coach Brown as defensive coordinator and all the team talent, #BikiniBowlPicks could have coached #Michigan to an 8-5 record. And I would have taken much less than $9 million. Just saying. #GoBlue #Wolverines 4ever! 〽️

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