Quinn's review of the Ape Movie that isn't about Skull Island

"The ultimate entry in the new trilogy is really a launching point for the original film."

We just saw "War For The Planet of the Apes" and it was pretty damn intense. They really know how to make anything they want these days in Film. Classic battle of Good vs Evil... The power of Mercy ensues.  The character development was simply perfection! You can really feel the emotions of These Tree Dwellers. 

The-Dark-as-Fuk Colonel played by a "God Complex" riddled @WoodyHarrelson is right up our respective allys these days too... ripped right from The play books of Gengis Kahn, Kim-Jung and filipino psycho Duterte a touch heavy on the "Message' for my tastes. However I think these days we need to spoon-feed "obvious soup" to the sheep if you want them to actually do some thinking and self reflection. 

The cliche Post-Apocalyptic "Spray-Hate" on everything from the helmets of soldiers to Interesting name the bad guys spray painted on enslaved Apes. The alpha-omega branding and the trek through the 🌵 was awfully symbolic. Quinn



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