Wheel of Speedo has been Spun see the pair Quinn Had To Buy!

posted by @quinnradio -

Here are the Speedo's That Quinn had to buy after landing on the weel of Speedo's

We'll be Spinning the Wheel of Speedo today so get ready! Gallery below... 

Here's a few Speedo nickname ideas for ya

  • Marble Sack
  • Banana Hammock
  • Grape Smuggler
  • Nut Hut
  • Scrote Tote
  • Sausage Sling
  • Portuguese Pud Purse
  • Ouch Pouch
  • Peach Pit Papoose
  • Ball-bushka
  • Lolly Catcher
  • Daytona Dong Sarong
  • Nugget-Hug-It
  • Brazilian Ball Bag
  • Manberry Pudding Pack
  • Miami Meat Tent
  • Saint-Tropez Truffle Duffle
  • Bratwurst Bath Cap
  • Pickle Pincher



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