Cops looking for this NH chick for a fatal hit and run #eyesup

SOMERSWORTH, NH (NEWS CENTER) — Police in Somersworth are asking for the public's help in findinag a woman they say is connected to a fatal hit and run that happened on Friday, June 16.

FYI sounds like she may have been the driver that killed the pedestrian....  they impounded her car too... where is she? She's got to be freaking out...  turn yourself in sister. 

if I were her and I was in def run mode? Where would I go? She looks like she knows some hill folks so she could be up in dem hills... high drama high drama... 

See if you know her from her Facebook page below.... "Anyone with information is asked to call the Somersworth Police at (603) 692-3131 or the Somersworth Police Department Crimeline at (603) 692-9111 or Kittery Police'.

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