@ArtieQuitter There's a Warrant Out For Artie Right Now

(Hoboken, NJ)  --  A bench warrant has been issued in New Jersey for the arrest of comedian Artie Lange.  Lange was arrested last March in the parking garage of his condominium complex in Hoboken and charged with possession of heroin, cocaine and drug paraphernalia.  "The Hudson Reporter" says a bench warrant has been issued after he failed to appear in court on June 7th to face the charges.  Lange tweeted out his response, saying, "I mean no trouble! This is bad communication with a lawyer... I'm getting a new lawyer and making this right."  A police spokesman said they are not actively looking for Lange. 

Artie hasn't really tweeted for a couple of days with the exception of this "Mr. Fix-it" Video which looks like a repost... Artie, get to court buddy... Good Luck



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