Old friend & early supporter of the show Lou Cove wrote a memoir and it's great

 Lou will be on the show this week and tell us about his book 

Here's a Little background on Lou Cove and Q&C

Lou was a visionary when he came up with the idea of hooking up a local morning show with attitude with a coed apartment full of UMass Students who had to talk to us.. the whole time the cams were streamed on the internet. Lot of fun and way ahead of it's time in the early 2000's

 Lou's book is a memoir called man of the year and it's a coming of age story about his move st 13 from New York City to Salem Massachusetts where, after feeling very much like a fish out of water, he met a friend of his fathers who happened to have been a Playgirl centerfold.

  This guy Howie, decided to set his sights on becoming play girls man of the year and solicited Lou's help in the campaign... this memoir is that and so much more BUY IT HERE Quinn

Some quotes on "Man of The Year"

"Hilarious Fun and surprisingly touching..."

"This book is about a lot of things: Fatherhood,religion, friendship

"A preposterous true tale of one little mans journey into adulthood"

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