#KarmaPolice Is Qatar's Al Jazeera cashing its Karmic Check?

I'm telling you...this whole thing with Qatar goes all the way back to Al Jazeera!  Quinn

Qatar, from the get go...used Al Jazeera as a political tool to further itself... as well as as a defensive tool by threatening to broadcast private details about the Saudi Royal family and other countries in the region.  And with the change in international relationships for better or worse these countries probably can sense that doing something about Qatar, wouldn't be seen as as big a move these days as it would've been for them 6 years ago...

The QUESTION: Has Their past come back to get them?   Let's just say that my main concern is with our troops stationed over there but it's a touchy situation. Here's two quotes from  From the story below, from 2010 

"In another cable that July, he claimed that the channel "has proved itself a useful tool for the station's political masters”


"A few months earlier, the US embassy noted that "relations [between Qatar and Saudi Arabiaare generally improving after Qatar toned down criticism of the Saudi royal family on al-Jazeera".

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