Chris Stapleton and company Parody ZZ Top's "Legs"

SOURCE -  “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Jimmy teamed up with Chris Stapleton and Kevin Bacon to perform as the band, ZZ Top. Chris Stapleton and Kevin Bacon were guests on the “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” last night and together they performed a fake early draft of the ZZ Top hit song, “Legs.”

"She's got hands! She know's how to wave them" LYRICS BELOW


LYRICS - "She's got legsShe knows how to use themShe never begsShe knows how to choose themShe's got armsThey’re like legs but on her upper halfShe’s got elbowsShe scrubs 'em when she takes a bathShe's got handsShe knows how to wave themShe's got eyebrowsShe knows how to raise themShe's got nostrilsShe knows how to flare themShe's got a butt cheekShe's actually got a pair of themShe's my babyShe's my babyYeah, it's alright!She's got teethSometimes calls them chompersShe's got feetSometimes calls them stompersShe's got a belly buttonAn innie not an outieShe's got kneecapsAlso calls them chompersShe's got a headIn Spanish it's "cabeza"And on the front of her headShe’s also got a face-aShe’s got a rib cageI learned that from an x-rayShe’s got thumbsShe uses them to text meWhat is texting?What is texting?It’s 1983!(Kick-butt guitar solo) She’s got a pencilHey Frank, that’s not a body partWhat about a napkin?Nope, still not a body partHow about a necktie?That’s closer to a body partWhat about just neck then?Bingo, that’s a body partShe’s got a neck, she’s got a neck,This song is called “Neck”Neck!Neck!Neck!Neck!Neck!Neck!Neck!Neck!"


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