"They're Not Children, They're Cells" says now Suspended Asst Principal

SOURCE - Huge Fan of this Assistant Principal here who was probably tryng to shield students from a bloody picture of an aborted baby, not because it's wrong, because it's graphic... still, the Asst. Principal got suspended

Best part for me was the 2:19 mark when the kid asks him to find Jesus and he comes back with this 

"Listen Here Son, Alright? I'm as Gay as the Day is long and Twice as Sunny"


Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

Over the past several months, protests have become an increasingly common sight across the U.S. — protests for science, for women's rights, for the environment and, of course, protests against President Trump.

Incidents at some schools, however — most notably the University of California, Berkeley — have raised questions about whether or not conservative voices are granted the same leeway on school grounds.

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