Heavy Vetting: Alex West's defense Attorney Kathryn Conklin

Defense attorney Kathryn Conklin works for the Cheryl Coleman law offices and is helping in the defense of the #LogBayDay guy Alex West as a team she gave the opening remarks and stood out for three main reasons but I'll give you twice that to chose from below probably 

See her full Opening statement below here's the prosecutions opening statements which were pretty grim to sit through but it has to be done. #LogBayDay

  • She's strikingly young looking and that catches you off guard for such a serious case but she carries herself with a lot of strength and tenacity... 
  • Despite her client Alex West drunk flipping his boat up on to a little girl, crushing her and slicing her in half right in front of her family, she's fun to watch, she's gonna have to work hard knowing she's got barely a leg to stand on...tough gig counselor. I'm sure I'll be calling you guys when I screw up royally someday too but I hope it's not something like that
  • She's a 2008 graduate of Keen State college where it looks as though her husband, whom she married here in town back in Sept of 2015 check out their registry...it's Macy's nothing grandiose...

Her dude Phillip is an associate at someplace called wealth strategies group, Insurance? Rich and handsome as expected... nice grab Phil, kept it together long after graduating Keen State together, good move...

  • Shes been practicing law in NYS since 2013 so she's still green... and with this case being so big it has to put the pressure on...keep your eye on her. This could get intense in there.

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