Fast and Furious Franchise Variety ranked all 8! How'd they do? Quinn saw it.

Best part about going to a Saturday Morning BTX of Fast8 is getting the entire Bow tie BTX Theatre to ourselves like a private screening. 

I knew it would be intense action but there was literally ZERO time to take a Leak after finishing my large Coke Zero an hour through this one. However, was it the best one yet? Here's a tip, No Rhonda Rousey but thankfully Jason Staham adds to the casts comedic needs and a whole lot of Ass whooping too. Did it beat out bringing a c140 down with 6 hopped up cars? I think so... considering Charlize Theron's one helluva a bad guy and brings a whole new angle to the last few flicks. Not my personal favorite,  it definitely one of my top 3 picks. Quinn

Do you agree with Variety Magazine (the industry standard for Movie Biz) ranking of the worst to best "Fast and the Furious" films, including #FateOfTheFurious

Here's indie wires ranking HERE

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