Quinn's ROCK HALL recap: Did Steve Perry FINALLY Sing With Journey Last night?

No, Sadly, Steve Perry didn't join the rest of the bad for a reunion onstage. That sucks. But he spoke thoughtfully.

Eddie Vedder got political last night saying "Here we are in this modern technology age, and we've got a lot of evolving to do. Climate change is real -- this is not fake news," he said. "We cannot be the generation history looks back on and thinks 'why did they not do everything humanly possible to solve this biggest of problems?' Anything can be attainable -- the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. I use that analogy because it can be done, but we don't have 108 years."

Lettermans roasting of Ticketmaster during his induction speech of Pearl Jam was pretty funny saying:

"Pearl Jam stood up to that beady-eyed, bloodsucking corporation Ticketmaster… And I'm happy to say, because they stood up to them, every concert ticket in America today is free." I miss Dave.

SOURCE "Letterman (and his massive beard) received a standing ovation: "I can't tell you what an honor it is for me to be out of the house," Letterman joked, before suggesting Young missed the ceremony because he can't stay up late."

Sounds like Lenny Kravitz's Crover of Princes When Doves Cry wasn't that great, maybe because you can't cover Prince you can only play his song. But hearing his Sign O the Times Cover of "The Cross" was awesome.

Nile Rodgers cried as he got some awesome props for all of his behind the scenes work with some of the worlds biggest bands... love that humble guy.

The Tupac induction by Snoop was cool... video is below...there was a chuck berry jam session and more rounded out the night, 

But, the big finale had Eddie Vedder and a who's who of rock superstars performing Neil Young's "Rocking In The Free World" had all the strengh of Neil (who was ill and could be there) but even  more... 

Eddie Vedder running laps around the stage preaching he Gospel of Neil Young in loud raucous form was a great way to end the evening.

Watch the performance when it hits HBO April 29th

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