"Merciless 'Merchant Of Venom" Dies At 90

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One of the originators, innovators... would say what he thought when he thought it. My favorites was when Sinatra appeared on The Tonight Show telling a legendary story about an incident in a restaurant, something no one but Rickles could've gotten away with.

Frank said "He came over to the table and he said, 'Frank, do me a favor, will you? I'm sitting with a very pretty girl and, uh, I'm trying to make out, you know,' and he said, 'I told her I know you and she really doesn't believe me. Would you stop by the table?' And I said all right, I was just about finished, and I walked by the table and I said, 'How are ya, Don? Nice to see you.' And he said, 'Can't you see I'm eating, Frank?' "



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