LISTEN: Did Grovsey Have a Stroke on the air with Q&C today?

We spoke to grovsey twice this week the 2nd time... Cantara could tell something was wrong

To Cheer everyone up I put the best #TBT Lorna Video at the end! Scroll down and soak it in...


Day two was worse... the speaker that feeds you guys to me is so brutal I'm surprised to hear you at all sometimes...  once I started to hear what Cantara had been eluding too... I became a little worried that Grovsey was not only suffering from having a stroke earlier in the week... I thought he may be having one"> right then and there... take a listen it's crazy...  I just texted him and hes still alive so thats a start... Q


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As Promised, My favorite 10 seconds of Lorna EVER Enjoy



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