When Tourists attack... Look at that damn Elevator!

SOURCE - "Like the title says, tourists at the Royalton over-reacting and verbally abusing staff. Basically an 18 year old and 6 year old were stuck in the elevator for 10 minutes and the family took it upon themselves to break the elevator doors in spite of being repeatedly informed that maintenance was on the way. 

They also verbally abused staff and threatened to kill the security guard. Uploading it because the original was removed and people need to see how uncivilized people act while trying to play the victim."

LOTS OF SWEARS IN THE VID SO KEEP THAT IN MIND IF YOU OPEN IT AT WORK I have to say, if I was bored on Vacation and had the chance to rescue a woman and child by ripping open an elevator door like Superman I totally would do that! Q

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