Quinn #HBlogZ Master P who wants Asst Coach gig @NBAPelicans

TMZ is saying Rapper and music mogul Master P... Wants to coach the Pelicans as an assistant coach. Read the story in my tweet below.

The story of the P is truly an impressive one... this guy went to the University of Houston on a full athletic scholarship for hoops. Then his grandfather or his father died...  resulting in  a malpractice lawsuit of which P was a beneficiary to the tune of $10,000. 

Then... P left school, athletic Scholarship and all... bought a record store in California... which later became the base for his empire.  

He's made his two kid brothers multi platinum rappers and millionaires many times over C-Murder and that guy sillk the shocker who I think are in Jail because Master P turned on them ?  

So take that into account as far as loyalty. Speaking of Loyalty, he wasn't very loyal to the team that gave him a full ride, I'm sure he's happy he left, but still. Who does that? 

arrives at The Women's Sports Foundation's

The real story is that he's from New Orleans he left his first love of basketball behind to go out and become mogul.

He now has enough money and success to come home and do basketball again but that doesn't make him qualified Does it?

I'm torn, I initially thought it was a foolish idea, but now I think his heart is in the right place and his talents with people both off and on the court are sure to help them. 

To say nothing of what his 400 million dollar bank account and swagger he brings New Orleans. That's more appeal for future players maybe?

Unless they're C-Murder fans I guess




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