Quinn's probably High-Blogging: Easter Eggs Benedict (Arnold)

How the nine digit 100+  million dollar leg drop the Hulkster hit Gawker with was Karmic Payback for them calling the handicapped kid who went to heaven to pay his dad's new mortgage. 

I know, so close to the Eggs and bunny holiday, just a quick reminder though, that little heaven kid described the devil like he was M. Night Shaymalayn and you believed him.

I guess, just try to be a good person and don't to lie about the big stuff that people hold dear, like Heaven, walls and healthcare... 

                                               helping old ladies across the street helps


The Karmic weigh-scales are open 24/7 on loads like this and his was WAY over regulation. 

Retribution has not come for him yet, probably because it's some adults fault, but it sure came for Gawker about a year after this story was published didn't it...?"

                       "Little Boy Who Claimed to Die and Visit Heaven Admits He Made It up"

"I'm paraphrasing from the kids book... He said the devil had a human body with bony arms and no skin, but he was too scared to look at him for long.... didn't eye the devil or play his fiddle all bad ass or nothing...

1) Isn't that what they all say? 

2) Why was the devil in heaven I though he spent early spring in Georgia

Here comes the come around for Gawker... Less than a year after outing everyone's favorite tour guide to heaven.... Gawker was ordered to pay Hulk Hogan $150 Million, later folding in bankruptcy...                      

Bum bum bum! (Dramatic reverb)          

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