"I spent 30 min in the worlds quietest room then went home and killed my family"


Not really, but there's high drama surrounding the Anechoic Chamber in my home town, in fact,only a short 15 min away. I do love some of the comparisons to how quiet this room is I've heard over the years.

One woman, visiting from a record company said she had to leave because she could hear her heart beat so loudly,  not just the beating Eier...but she could hear the blood rushing through her veins in each pump of the muscle... 

Another guy said he could hear the flutter of the cilia on the inside of his lungs, saying every time he blew a breath out it made a very faint yet almost orchestral whistle that sounded like Handel's Messiah. Thousands of his mucous soaked hairs in his own lungs, whistling away like Christmas crickets on a cold Minnesota night in July... but yes, he could only hear them in the worlds quietest room. Nowhere else.

One man who's worked there since it's inception said he tried to sleep in it one night and he wake-dreamt the sounds of his dead relatives screaming from far away, some with laughter and some with pain from in he depths of hell 

Now came my chance to experience he worlds quietest room, I held it together until the desire to philosophize in French and use live humans as furniture overcame me and my desires

I'm not sure if any of those really happened, but it's beats googling right? #FakeNews

Max amount of time they say is 60 min then it's crazy town (butterfly,sugar, baby)


My room was always 2nd Quietest... 

This guy below goes to an Anechoic Chamber in Boston 



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